Today is a new day, Thunder fans

Training camp for NBA teams, including the OKC Thunder, open this week and yours truly will not be there. At least I will not be there as an employee of the thunder broadcast team. You may or may not have heard that a cutback necessitated the change, or so I am told, after just one very well received season. It was a terrific experience, we did good work, and I will forever be grateful to the likes of Todd Minhinnet, Matt Pinto, Grant Long, Brian Davis, Sam Presti, Clay Bennett and of course, Head Coach Scott Brooks who will be a big success at this sooner rather than later. I will be saying some goodbyes soon, and will do my best to be a big part of many organizations in Oklahoma City in the future. So stay tuned here for more on this change of scenery and info on the Thunder et al in the future. By the way, I am told I am welcome at practice any time by Sam, so don’t be surprised, while I sift and sort through the options for the future professionally, if i don’t wander in a time or two.

For now… keep your eyes open for a cool postcard or two!At FSN West...

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