just call – true friends will call back

on the set of Action Figures TV
on the set of Action Figures TV

No, it didn’t take facebook, or a  google search or a cokebottle dropped from the sky to find one of my best friends. I did it the old fashioned way – picked up the phone and he actually called me back. he called me back – and he works in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA where, most people will attest, folks don’t call you back so fast when you’ve been A) working in Oklahoma City for three years and B) are amongst the  ranks of the Independent Contractors again.

As it turns out, Dusty Skellett, an Emmy-Award winning videographer, great surfer and family man, also was a victim of “downsizing” (BS term for trade quality in for a cheaper salary) after eight years with his station in San Diego. Their loss – he’s already working on several TV shows in LA, has his standing gigs with golf and surfing industry productions and he gets to pick up his son Jack at school en  route, we must assume, to the beach for a sunset surf session.

Dusty helped me when I was putting together a “pilot season” of Action Figures, my life-long dream of a TV show (check out my web-site and also youtube for more info) a few years back, and i have always harbored hope we could get that show up and running – of our own accord – and we could work together every day. Maybe i’d actually get to become a better surfer.

Any way, the point is, a  positive by-product of being told by the NBA’s OKC Thunder that “we decided to make a change by cutting down your job from full-time to something else” (we will know soon enough who/what that is… I’m sure they’ll be cute and young!)  is that I need to network, ie; call all my friends and find out what’s out there. So somebody i haven’t talked to in three years called me back and it was, like any good friend just like old times. I am proud of him, I miss the beach and dudes like Dusty but most importantly, i am grateful that the old-fashioned concept, i call, leave a message, you call me back – is still a satisfying and yes, even gratifying activity.

I won;t get to work with Dusty later this month when I get to go back to California for the Irvine Lake Mud Run – he’s already booked – but hopefully inthe future he’ll be my main photog for future mud run productions and maybe, just maybe even “Action Figures TV” will one day fly again!
Dusty Skellett’s Site

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