Opportunities for “Surfing Monkeys” fans…

A few opportunities for you to check out my art – and hopefully buy some unique holiday gifts…. I am honored to know that “Beatnix Cafe” in OKC will have a showing of my work in November. Additionally, I will have an event coming up this week at Stage Center Cabaret (look here and elsewhere for more details) featuring some new pieces in my “The Wings” series. So hopefully you’ll come by for that. Also, I am honored to have been commissioned by the IrvineLakeMudRun to create pieces from my “Surfing Monkeys” collection as prizes for the top men’s and women’s finishers at the inaugural event in their new series, October 25, 2009. For more info, visit IrvineLakeMudRun . I will be there, coordinating video productions and Emceeing for the folks, so it’ll be great to be home – even if it is to work! (or especially to work!).

I also have created a series of smaller items for Surfing Monkeys, so if there is somethibng you’d like – just let me know and I can make it happen!.

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