“Grief is Newark.”

“Grief is Newark. It’s there. Can’t avoid it. The idea is to hold your nose, hope the traffic’s not too bad and get on to Manhattan as quickly as possible.”
Eli Attie, House M.D., Dying Changes Everything, 2008

One of the most inspiring pages I can go to on the internet is a collection of quotations from many great and some not so great thinkers and folks from human history. Quotations page dot com… I used to have all these little post it notes on my screen saver on the older computer… and just realized i had actually saved the quotes … I am thinking of a friend who is dealing with hatred, cruelty, and greed in the wake of grief and sorrow. I can’t, in my own good conscience, stop wanting to see that there is a net of protection for my friend, as i would do for any family member or loved one. Does this enable me to avoid my own worries and pressing demands, or does it allow me to attach to the meaning of life as i see it?

I attach to the latter…

I made a t-shirt (yep, I’m pimping it) that sums it up in one way. “Love, The Verb”. This is the answer, in all its manifestations (kindness, education, charity, courage, patience, tenderness, passion, hugs and handshakes, etc.)

I have friends and family who do this every day – people all around the world do this every day – and that is why. I believe, there is more lightness than dark, more hope than hatred. Attach to it, reach for it… sing a song, blue or bright purple, but breathe new air. This is the way i choose today to live for my friend who is grieving, and i hope for all of you, we can find ways to do the same… every day,

Love, The Verb.

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