In response to an old friend

Though Social Media like Facebook and Blogs and Twitter can be a bit ridiculous when we get too deep into them, there are really great, obvious aspects. Like friends you haven’t seen in a long while, maybe since HS, offering uplifting and postiove thoughts when, oh, your job goes away amd you think you’ll never work again.

Like this one from Jeffrey Griffith, who I probably haven’t seen in almost 30 years… Leading to my response that follows.

Jeffrey Griffith commented on my link:

“Brent – Whatever it is you do I know it will be entertaining and the Thunder will regret the decission to downsize you. You are “super sized” in Spirit!

Hey, now that Munson has retired there could be an opportunity for you in Athens! Scott Howard and Eric Zier are OK but you would be a perfect choice (voice), and if that didn’t work out your alma matter is going to start College Football (Div. 1) in Fall 2010, you could be the voice of the Panthers again.”

Thanks Jeffrey,
Funny, but Larry was one of my first mentors (along with Don Kennedy and Bill McPhail) in the business. I was a part-timer at Georgia Network (the original GN) amd he taught me, among other things, the reason why one-sided press releases were preferred. (answer below)
He was a pro in that he never lost sight of the escape sport is supposed to be. He and Vince were a classic combo. One would paint the darkness before the dawn, the other would make it look worse, then something magical would happen.
“There goes Herschel!”
“Do you believe that?”
“Go, Lindsay, go!”
I don’t know that I got those calls right but the gist is he knew he was a verbal historian, and he wanted UGA history to be emotional and factual.

So why one-sided press releases?
They’re good for cheap script paper (on the blank side, of course.)

As for GSU, Bill Curry is a class act. He was my first intrvw for radio, on the phone, in 79. He was a patient gentleman then and the same later when I presented a more polished journalistc approach. I always said that if I had a son who played football, I’d want him to play for Curry. But alas, no way Im in line for that PBP gig as long as my boy Dave Cohen, who replaced me as Voice of the Panthers in 1983, is still calling their games. He is, and he’s younger than me (though I look younger than you, if you read this, Mr Dave Larry Bird Cohen). Haha I would gladly fill in for him any time.

Thanks man…. You cheered me up.

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