Career Creativity

Look in the mirror, you are getting sleepy, very sleepy...  now WAKE UP!
Look in the mirror, you are getting sleepy, very sleepy... now WAKE UP!

Well, dream jobs happen and then – BUZZZZZZ – we wake up. I am kidding, of course… it only seems that way after my latest pro broadcasting endeavor. The chance to return to sports full-time last year with the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder, after immersing myself in this market as lead anchor at the Fox25 Morning News in OKC, was terrific. I gave it everything I had, traveling, anchoring, pre and post, even building packages from the road to be used in the magazine show. I brought with me the community contacts I’d made at Fox25, Leukemia Lymphoma Society Man of the Year nomination, Shakespeare in the Park, Allied Arts, Special Olympics Oklahoma, Maisha Orphanage, Upward Transitions, World Neighbors and more. It was a great experience, and in the end, the broadcast team decided to break my dream gig into several part-time gigs. I thought I was in the full-time seat for two seasons, but these are the times – and despite the stable nature of my experience, skills and artistic soul (yep, still have one) I find myself today looking for a great job. Not a good job. Not any job. A great job, one that will allow me to be the person who is a believer in the human in human interest, the student in Student-athlete, the -istic in artistic. Wait, that last one makes no sense. I am humbled but not humiliated by the positive fools in the wake of this unexpected turn of events, and my note to you – in the verbose style I am accustomed to using, hopefully will get your attention long enough to check out my web-site, look at some of my recent work and activities and keep me in mind when you need somebody who loves to work, tell stories, do anything it takes to get the job done.

Sincerely, Brent “The Sports Guy But So Much More” Weber

PS… Weber Creative is again my umbrella  name for production/writing/creating and more….

and Action Figures TV remains my production name for large form  projects, such as the TV show Action Figures we produced a few years back in LA (and hope to produce again in the future, if lucky!)

I still plan to update the book for those interested in getting into this business, “The Sports Guy: Scorecards Scribblings  from An Ordinary Journalist”, and yes, now I have some new stuff to put in there. Look for it later this Fall, closer to the holidays instead of this month as originally planned.

One thought on “Career Creativity

  1. Brent as a child bred on the media in this town, there is no nice way of putting it other than “The Haves” and “The Have Nots”.
    We create our own destinies, are who we project ourselves to be. If you want “It”, it’s there for the taking, all you must do is believe…
    No degree or amount of experience provides protection from a life full of bountiful blessings.
    The Universe is GOOD! The mind must follow.
    WE/YOU…are worthy and “Good enough”
    Hang lose.


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