No room in the car! Beat it to Beatnix before I load up!

OK, peeps, love ya for visiting and enjoying the show at BEATNIX CAFE 13th and Robinson in OKC, but another artist is about ot take over the main room – and my remaining pieces need to go! but it’s too cold to put thme inmy car, plus, as you can see – i have too many naked manequins already taking up all the space.

So… today (Saturday) and Monday (until everything is either sold or moved) the prices on my limited edition giclees and photo art is ridiculously low. that’s how lazy i am; i’d rather sell at my cost than put them in my car and take them to the next place!

Sooooooooo……….. Drop by beatnix cafe TODAY!

Plus, I will let you know about the next great artist (she really is AMAZING!) in this space inthe coming days!

Did you forget what’s there?

Then here is a reminder…


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