OVAC’s “Momentum” a must-be-at event

MOMENTUM, The Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition’s annual celebration of thirty-nothing artists (my phrase, meaning thirty and under) has another night of fun at the Goodwill building downtown tonight, Saturday the 6th of March in OKC. The layout is spacious, so while it may seem there is less art than usual, I think you’ll find that – especially if you show up in mid-stream and not too late or early, that with a crowd of people it’s a perfect display of the broad-ranging talents of Oklahoma’s young photographers, digital artists, multi-media, painters, t-shirt makers and musicians. not to mention a fun slam poetry session I heard last night and plenty of performance and installation art to enjoy. I’ve attached a few snips form my iPhone. I particularly liked a few of the pencil on wood pieces and that copper bracelet, which my daughter  would love and if I weren’t broke I would have bought for her!

Ah, to be thirty again, perhaps my work might find it’s way into such a show. but reality is – this is just a cool one for all ages and I am betting anybody who is anybody in OKC will be there (if they weren’t already there last night.

I was able to go over after my performance in “Love Song” at Carpenter Square Theatre a few blocks away (Stage Center) and saw most everything in two hours before the party turned to the after party. (I declined said after-party, of course!) Kudos to all the folks at OVAC for another MOMENTUM well done!

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