Point your toes in a direction, just not ten directions…

There are times when it takes a life force from outside one’s own intelligent self, someone, even someone(s) in the connective universe, to shake the tree and force a perspective crack. It may happen over many years, even decades. To look at things from one perspective, or even as if in another’s shoes is NOT the same as listening, learning and bettering FROM another’s perspective. This is a paradigm shift and I am not afraid of it.

Where does it say we are what we do? Isn’t it often times truer to say we are what we DO NOT? I believe things happen from our capacity to learn, and this does not change inherently as much as it becomes more apparent over time. When we slow down (seemingly) we soak in (conceivably) better. Yoda is old but young. Buddha is sedentary but moving. Time is something we can not contemplate if we try to contemplate time.

A friend had a baby; I found out on Facebook and how wonderful. Another is worried; he did not shelter his concern by phone.  Another is inspired; I got an email. Another cried into my eyes, and I was moved like an avalanche to truth. All are equally impactful if I am both supple enough to receive and humble enough to perceive. And we pick up our feet, and point them in that direction and move.

As Will Rogers said, just so long as you don’t stand still in the middle of the road, you might get somewhere. (or something like that). And my gosh, what would Woody Guthrie say? That train ain’t leading nowhere. It’s just leading somewhere you ain’t been yet.

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