No Causes Ever Lost While St. Jude Hospital Is At Work

You can win a brand new HOME and be a part of Danny Thomas’s  promise.

Info on the Oklahoma City area St Jude Dream Home event can be found here.

I received an invitation from Mandy Ward today to attend the public’s grand opening tour of this year’s St Jude Children’s Research Hospital Dream Home Giveaway for Oklahoma. Two years ago I was honored and fortunate to be asked to take part in our TV station’s first-ever go at hosting the Dream Home event. My pals including EP Jennifer Jantzen, Co-anchor Jamie Cereta, (who will anchor for a third straight year this year the TV show giving away the home.)  News Director Joe Spadea, the families responsible for building and donating the real estate and our photographer all went to Memphis, Tennessee as guests of St. Jude CRH. Once there we toured the remarkable facility and met families, doctors, researchers, advocates and people who by their participation and involvement are part of a historic tsunami of change in human health.

You may or may not know the story of Danny Thomas’ promise to  god to do something special if he ever made it big. Well, just ask your parents (or grand parents) and they’ll tell you – he made it big all right. And then he made big on his promise. During the time of the hospital’s opening to today, many forms of cancer, then deemed as ‘catastrophic’, have been essentially turned upside down. These are diseases which affect us all – but the hospital is only for children 18 and under. The research, of course, is for all of us. Our children, our grandchildren and far, far beyond. A few paragraphs can’t do justice to the St Jude Story. You can find out more here.

I was struck by the monumental nature of this place when I called my mother, who I simply knew would appreciate hearing about what I had experienced. Little did I know, the story of Danny Thomas and his building of St. Jude had served as an inspiration for my mother to go back to school and become a nurse, which she did after the age of 40 and practiced for more than two decades. it is one of my personal dreams to take my mom and dad to Memphis one day to see, first-hand, what St. Jude  means.

And today, as I write this, I wear a medallion with St. Jude upon my neck. St. Jude, some call, the patron saint of lost causes.

Gosh i wish I had some of those videotaped stories to share with you form our visit. Of the families we met, the stories of courage and of accomplishment in the midst of horror and shortness of life. Hope is born, however, upon the breaths of those who stand when it is difficult, and to all of those children who have passed through the doors of St. Jude, I say thank you. to those who buy a  ticket – in the hopes of winning a brand new home – I say thank you. And Mandy, thanks so much for sending me this invite. I will at the very least be watching the dream home giveaway show locally on Fox 25 when the time comes.

Thanks for sharing this!

Here’s more on Mandy’s invite …

Please join us for the Grand Opening of the 2010 St. Jude Dream Home in Edmond, OK in the beautiful 1,500 acre master-planned Iron Horse Ranch gated community. Come for a FREE tour of this year’s OKC St. Jude Dream Home and register FREE to win $10,000 worth of furniture, courtesy of Edmond Furniture Gallery!

For more information and a full list of additional high-end prizes and to reserves your tickets call 1.800.592.1596 or log onto Only 7,000 tickets will be sold.

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