What IS The Okie Twist-Off?

The Okie Twist-Off is a music event unlike anything I have ever witnessed. I saw it at the soon to be defunct 66 Bowl and think anyone who loves cars, craziness and twistingone off should check out what has become a two day event.

Below is the email and posted – including a story i did on the first Okie Twist Off a few years ago!.

That time again…

Conceived in a garage and born in a bowling alley, The Okie Twist-Off is Oklahoma’s premiere annual kustom culture event showcasing old cars and bikes, loud bands, wild art and beautiful people. On the second weekend in August, The Okie Twist-Off makes old Route 66 rumble with the roar of hot rod engines and the twang of vintage guitars.

Three years later, The Okie Twist-Off has expanded to a two-day format with 20 bands and more. For 2010, the Okie Twist-Off will erupt on Friday, August 6th at the 66 Bowl at 7 PM with night one of the music festival featuring New York City’s notorious goth-a-billy freaks Psychocharger headlining. Saturday, August 7th kicks off at noon with the kustom car and bike show and day two of the music festival, featuring North Carolina rockabilly masters The Straight 8s and Austin, TX’s cowpunk godfathers The Hickoids along with perennial local faves Brian Dunning and The Oh Johnny! Girls. Whether you are a fan of flamejobs on flat black, garage punk, or just like watching people get sunburned, the Okie Twist-Off will be the place to be this August!”


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