OKC’s Plaza District Festival 2010 – Too Cool To Be Overlooked

The Plaza District, buoyed back to life a few years ago when OKC’s Lyric spent a pile of cash renovating the Plaza Theatre (See story above), has steadily grown in the arts community. The  2010 Festival, once again featuring an eclectic but consistent mix of artist’s and musicians, food and just plain mellow vibe, returns Saturday from Noon to 10 pm in the District on 16th Downtown. A few years ago folks might have stayed away from this part of town (why would you go there?) but now the niche is carved out, the space is fertile for thought and well, it’s not yet too trendy to find your way from booth to booth. A year ago, restrooms were the biggest issue – and the  humid temps, but this year the weather should be perfect and you’ll find increased food and ‘fresh.

I had an artist’s booth last year – but am sitting this one out. That’s because I want to enjoy it and soak in the creativity.

My recommendation? Come early with the kids and browse, snatch up some deals, and come back for more  later and make it a date. Plus it closes at ten and you still have a late night to enjoy – if you wish.

Below is some info, found at the web-site for the festival, which you can find here.

12:00-12:10 Opening/National Anthem- Chelsea Ross
12:10-12:40 Cottonwood Creek Cloggers
12:45-1:30 Yumare Mexican Folklore Dancers
1:35-2:10 Bricktown Clowns
2:15-2:45 Victory Dance
2:50-3:00 Rocky Horror- Lyric Theatre
3:00-3:25 Oklahoma Academy of Irish Dance
3:30-3:50 Oklahoma Salsa Fever
3:55-4:20 Plaza District Fashion Show
4:20-4:30 Rocky Horror
4:30-5:30 Everything Goes Dance
5:30-6 Classen Guitars. 1st band set up.
6:00-10:00 bands

Here are some links  to a few postings from last year. Oops, I guess I never posted any video. Too bad! Go to the festival and experience it!

Post #1

Post #2

Post #3

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