Movie was Mega-Fun; Previews? Mega-Wrong!

I don’t want first impressions to loom over the event like a cloud of mega-doom, so I’ll tell you I loved the movie right off the bat. “Megamind” on IMAX 3D at Quail Springs AMC in Oklahoma City was a fun, terrific and ‘living to the star power’ animated film. Story: good. Voices: perfect. Art Direction: wow, once again. And the families who sat around me, with kids of all ages, laughed from beginning to end. Though, as usual, none laughed harder or louder than yours truly. It is one of my many curses.

Sadly, my one impression of a negative variety, and I’m trying not to hit the soapbox so hard I miss the “movie” for the trees, but…. Who in the heck decided that trailers for movies such as”Priest” and a handful of others were appropriate for a “G” audience? I know they want to show off what’s coming on 3-D, but people! Creatures and heaviness that could have killed the buzz were shocking to me. No “Toy Story-esque” shorts. No kids movie previews or even G movie previews. (Harry Potter – PG –  doesn’t count as it’s pretty dark, though I don’t object to that one – even if it is spooky these folks are it’s audience.) Mega-stupid call by the studios or parent company of the theatre, whoever makes such decisions?

The saving grace? The parents around me did what I would have done, what my parents would have done and the kids followed suit. Instead of averting their eyes (“Don’t look at the evil images!”) they laughed. Laughed at the silly scary things on the screen. Teased each other. Giggled. And in the end said out loud, “I don’t want to see that one.”

It’s the other families or youngsters who were allowed to tae the clips seriously, and I’m sure that would be many of the little ones subjected to trailers for R-Rated or frightening PG-13 films, that I worry about. For the most part, the laughter I heard – and lack of cries of fear from kids watching – tells me we moved past it in a hurry to the “Mega” movie at hand.

And so I do recommend it for all ages, I do think “Megamind” is worth seeing on IMAX and 3D, if possible. And most importantly, I do recommend taking the little ones to the potty when the trailers open and coming back just in time for the start of the “Mega-fun” feature.

And look for more reviews of movies and events here in the future.

2 thoughts on “Movie was Mega-Fun; Previews? Mega-Wrong!

  1. I saw it at Tinseltown in 3d (I loved it too) and the previews were all appropriate and kid friendly (like the new Yogi Bear movie, and the movie with Johnny Depp as a lizard in the desert). Maybe someone made a mistake.

    1. Maybe so. I certainly recommend then Tinseltown (which is a good theatre with lower prices) over quail until they adjust their previews of this feature. Thanks for your comment.

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