May Is Asthma Awareness Month

May Is Asthma Awareness Month

Asthma is a chronic, or life-long, disease that can be serious – even life threatening. There is no cure for asthma, but it can be managed so you can live a normal, healthy life.

The Tulsa chapter of the American Lung Association is committed to providing information and resources to help our community manage asthma. The more you can learn about asthma, the better you and your loved ones can make the most of every day, and maintain the quality of life that is important to you.

We have created a special asthma page on our website to highlight the American Lung Association’s asthma-related work and resources.

Below is a sample of the programs the American Lung Association makes available to the Tulsa community in an effort to reduce the burden of asthma.

Open Airways for Schools—This program is an asthma education curriculum designed for youth aged 8-11 with a diagnosis of asthma. This research based best practice program is highly interactive to teach children how to manage and control their disease. Topics include: understanding normal vs. asthmatic breathing, recognizing early warning signs, taking medications, communication and more.
Target Audience: Children 8-11 years old
Charge: Free
Duration: Six-40 minute sessions; generally held during school hours; however, the program is flexible enough to be offered in a variety of settings
Location: Varies

Asthma 101—This education presentation provides a general overview of asthma. Topics covered include: basic asthma knowledge, asthma triggers, symptoms, emergency response. Information on community resources are also provided.
Target Audience: General
Charge: Free
Duration: 30-90 minutes
Location: Varies

Counting on You…Responding to Kids with Asthma—This is a fun interactive program designed for childcare providers and others that care for children with asthma. This program provides a general asthma overview, information on asthma medications and treatments, environmental asthma triggers. The program includes an indoor environmental assessment in order to identify potential asthma triggers.
Target: Childcare providers and teachers
Charge: Free
Duration: 45-60 minutes
Location: Varies

Oklahoma Asthma Initiative—The Oklahoma Asthma Initiative is a statewide coalition working together to reduce the burden of asthma. Our mission is to improve the health status of Oklahomans affected by asthma. The Oklahoma Asthma Initiative convenes four committees to impact asthma, and are actively engaged in activities that are designed to have an impact in the areas of: reduced number of asthma related deaths, hospitalizations, emergency room visits, school/work days missed and limitations on activity due to asthma.

The American Lung Association also offers the Lung HelpLine comprised of Registered Nurses and Respiratory Therapists which provides accurate, consistent and accessible medical information. The Lung HelpLine can be accessed at 1-800-LUNG-USA (option 2).

Please help us increase awareness and utilization of our free community resources in order to further our mission. For more information about these programs, and other programs the American Lung Association has available, please contact our Tulsa office at (918) 747-3441.

We are committed in the Fight for Air and providing support to adults and children in the Tulsa area living with asthma!

American Lung Association (c) 2010

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