OU Regents Press Release fo you OU Peeps

NORMAN – The Physical Sciences Center Lecture Hall 201 Renovation project and the purchase and installation of an outdoor emergency communication system will be among the items to be discussed by the University of Oklahoma Board of Regents at its regular meeting on Thursday, May 12, in Oklahoma Memorial Union, 900 Asp Ave., on OU’s Norman campus.

The meeting will begin at 2:45 p.m. in the Scholars Room of the union with Regents considering Roger State University items, followed by items submitted by Cameron University and then OU.

The OU Board will consider a recommendation to authorize the University administration to approve a partial guaranteed maximum price for construction of the lecture hall component of the Physical Sciences Center Lecture Hall 201 Renovation project, which includes the renovation and reconfiguration of a large tiered lecture hall. The renovation calls for new gradually sloped tiers, new finishes, paint, acoustics, lighting, seating and audio-video equipment as well as general improvements to the main entry lobby and second-floor restrooms. Circulation space on the second floor and conversion of spaces for a new student lounge also are included in the project plans.

The Regents also will consider awarding a contract for the purchase and installation of an outdoor emergency communication system to enhance security and safety measures and provide a more effective and uniform communication system for the OU Norman campus. Utilizing the latest technology, the system would broadcast both voice and tonal information transmitted immediately in the event of crises or emergency situations, and will eventually tie into other existing communication systems located across campus and in student residential facilities.

Also during the meeting, the Regents will consider approving the granting of a permanent ingress and egress easement and a temporary construction easement to the City of Norman to allow access to the city’s new Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Facility. While the CNG fueling facility will be located on city-owned property, as currently planned, it will be accessed via Goddard Avenue at the University Research Campus-North. The project also will require the existing berm at the southwest corner of the intersection of Highway 77 and Goddard Avenue and a strip along the south side of Goddard Avenue to be re-graded to allow for construction of the entry drive and appropriate driver visibility as vehicles approach and exit the facility.

The next meeting of the OU Board of Regents is scheduled for June 20 through 22 in Ardmore.

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