Redhawks “Home Run For Life”

From Press Release
The Oklahoma City RedHawks and INTEGRIS Health continue the “Home Run for Life” promotion on Saturday July 30, recognizing people in the Oklahoma City community who, with the help of their families, physicians and health care professionals, have overcome a significant medical event in their life.

Selected Home Run for Life participants will get to take a home run “lap” around the bases between innings, symbolizing the end of a battle against adversity.

“It’s humbling for us to work with INTEGRIS Health in recognizing people in our communities who have had to endure so much in their lives,” RedHawks President/General Manager Michael Byrnes said. “This promotion helps the community understand the hardships that some families overcome to live normal lives.”

The fourth Home Run for Life promotion celebrates Mike and Dara McMillin and their triplets Easton, Ellie and Eli.

After the birth of their first child Kiera, the McMillins tried for eight years to have more children with no success. The McMillins turned the INTEGRIS Bennett Fertility Institute in March of 2009. Mike and Dara were thrilled when the treatments worked, and were overjoyed to discover that Dara was expecting triplets.

Doctors told the McMillins that multiple babies are rarely carried for a full 10-month term, so they expected the babies to come early. It was how early that took everyone by surprise.

At her 21-week doctor’s appointment, doctors explained that the extra weight of carrying three babies was putting a strain on Dara. After hospitalization and bed rest, doctors discovered that an amniotic sack had ruptured and was leaking fluid. At 23 weeks, Dara started contractions and developed an infection.

The McMillins and INTEGRIS doctors had the tough decision of saving Dara while losing the babies or trying to save them all with the chance of losing them all.

The babies were delivered four months earlier than the planned due date of March 13. Each baby weighed slightly more than one pound, their eyes were still fused and their skin was too sensitive to touch. Doctors warned the McMillins that the survival rate of the triplets was one percent.

The triplets battled through everything from respiratory problems to infections, and fought through every adversity. When an aggressive form of retinopathy of prematurity put the triplet’s eyesight in jeopardy, doctors decided to bypass laser surgery, which could destroy the babies retinas. Instead, the McMillins were presented with an investigational alternative drug, and within 24 hours after application the disease was gone.

The triplets are all now at home, and are routinely monitored. The McMillins and INTEGRIS doctors give credit to the team effort and divine intervention for this success story.

Come see the McMillin family in person and cheer them on as they run the bases during the “Home Run for Life” event in Oklahoma City, Saturday, July 30. The game begins at 7:05 p.m.

Tickets for Saturday’s game and the remaining games in the current homestand are available through the RedHawks ticket office at (405) 218-1000 or by visiting

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