STILL: Tom Lee Retrospective At IAO Gallery

Inspiring. As I approached IAO’s
opening for a photographic retrospective of the late Tom Lee’s work, I had no bias to check at the door. I didn’t know him nor did I know what his art was about.
And I am so inspired by what I saw. Clear perspective. Statements. Living, breathing space. Humor. Commentary. Wisdom. Lunacy. All in black and white. No fancy cameras. No mega tricked up computer editing.
I know now a bit more. He used a simple reflex camera w a single lens and shot on film. He took his photos from his wheelchair, with his own frailties as buoys anchors and wings.
He saw on vertical, horizontal and spiritual planes and captured those shots.
And they are here, on display, in the IAO Gallery in Downtown OKC. visit them on the web for more at




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