My Oldest Friend Reaches A Lifetime Peak

Re-posted from my blog The Sports Guy

I’ve known Andrew Harvey since we were both in first grade. His father lived across the street from my family in Georgia and Andy visited from California for one month every summer. He was everything to me: a friend, big brother, mentor and tormenter. He was a slugger; I was a singles hitter. Yet when it came time to pull off some shenanigans we were equally crafty.

We were remarkably different yet uncommonly close, and remained thus over the four and a half decades that have followed. But our friendship forged in those childhood days has taught us both so much. I hopefully have been a small part of his life; he has been a big influence in mine (and the lives of others). Just months after one of his heroes Jack LaLane passed away, Andy proved that fitness is life by smashing the Senior Games Bench Press Record by lifting 435 pounds at age 50. Maybe next year I’ll be inspired to join him in competition… You are, after all, never too old to achieve new things.

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