President’s Visit To Oklahoma

I am not a political pundit, at least publicly. I try to be an observer, to report and explore in my blogs and writings.

And so I am forced to make a simple statement. Today, the President of the United States of America, duly elected by a large majority of the people, visits the state of Oklahoma for the first time since his election.

I can only assume, based on my own personal observations, that he wasn’t particularly inclined to visit for simple reasons. He likely didn’t feel welcome. The front page story about his lack of an official state welcome would hint as such.

The state’s largest journalistic enterprise, the Oklahoman, does indeed focus On the President’s visit in this political year. Yet it’s on-line entity, NewsOK, via my iPad, shows NOTHING among its top 10 stories in the stories listed as “headlines” or “local state”. You must go to “politics” to find anything on this mobile site.

This is journalistically shameful. Editorial pages are the place for such slights, but such slights are embarrassing and undermine the credibility of this entity. I am aghast at the incomplete pandering that passes for “news” coverage.

It’s time we as journalists stop looking as America as a place where differing viewpoints can’t or shouldn’t harmonize and instead must blend into a cohesion that makes for red, white and blue – instead of separate flags of individual colors. And it’s time Americans realize that those who are elected nationally represent all within their districts, states or nation, not just those who vote for them.

I am neither Democrat, Republican, Socialist, Independent, Green nor any other party shill. I am an American, just like you.

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