Redefining Self: Time to update my “About Brent Weber” Page

This blog was first launched in 2009 and i realized a more thorough, up-to-date “About” page might be due. Here it is, pasted from above. (The link above, that is.)

I have always struggled with self-definition.

When working as a sportscaster, I want people to know there is more to me. But it is a job I am proud of, and do to the best of my ability. When sharing my experience with students as a teacher, I always want them to realize there is more to ALL of us than a single title. Over my life I have been father (the best of all combined), student (better now than I once was), teacher (hopefully always improving),  journalist (which I have always taken seriously and at times found the most frustrating title of all), artist (generally with the gifts of my eyes and heart), writer (generally with the gifts of my mind and heart), an adventurer (be it urban or wilderness), son and brother.  What fits me best, I hope, is storyteller.

Born November 19, 1961 (or so I am told) in Champaign, Illinois to two tenacious and giving parents, the fourth of very intelligent children who all grew to become unique and inspiring adults, we moved to Ohio in my youth and then to Tucker, Georgia (Atlanta, per se) where my memories really begin. At the time we would have been best described as Yanks by the Deep Southerners and it was difficult at times for my parents, I would guess, to fit in to a part of the country that was not as “progressive” as other regions were in the late 60s.

Schooled in Tucker, then Georgia State University in Atlanta, my passions were baseball and talking. Play-by-play on the radio and local TV and interning at CNN came first, working as a music DJ and partying were second, school third. Unfortunate, because I love the opportunity to learn. A highly functional and overactive ADD kid, I remain so as a man.

As an undergrad, I just wasn’t able to hold my focus on the classroom, and was lucky my teachers worked with my schedule to find success. Georgia State University was where I embarked on a storytelling career with limitless energy and enthusiasm and very little in the way of a “throttle” for it all. I interned at CNN Sports from the day they went on the air through my college years and a bit beyond. Worked every sports/news journalism job I could get during those times,  (something that has been my M.O. ever since).

From Atlanta, to Dalton, to Atlanta, to Macon, to Chattanooga, back to Atlanta with CNN. I was married to my high school sweetheart Shelley in 1982, graduated college in 1983 and witnessed the birth of my daughter Nicole in 1987. There was a divorce after that, followed by a committment to being the best father possible every day since. There have been both missteps and good fortune along the way. Many years later I met a wonderful partner in Diane and like many of us we struggle(d) with creative lives and creative families. Much of these trials can be found in my book The Sports Guy: Scorecard Scribblings From An Ordinary Journalist, published in 2002 and released in a second edition late 2012.

After a decade and a half in Southern California, I relocated in 2007 to the middle of the country and Oklahoma City, and have enjoyed many terrific opportunities. The first, anchoring and helping to build a local morning TV news show from scratch. Then the universe brought the Thunder to OKC, and I was able to work covering the NBA on a daily basis again, working as sideline reporter and magazine show host. What a great opportunity to reacquaint myself with my first passion – live game sports – and be a part of such a special thing for a community of wonderful people.

I thrive on the game time excitement and energy which I experienced with the Thunder and when working for the likes of FSN/Prime Ticket in Los Angeles and CNN. And I hope to be able to channel my experience and skills towards such goals in the future. The game – after all – is the thing. I also believe the television show Action Figures, which I produced a full season of in Los Angeles several years ago, has long-term programming viability on a global scale and hope to re-visit its development for the future. Or a similar talk show that explores the extraordinary in people we admire. In the future I will publish several plays and film scripts, travel the world to meet people – and will tell their stories with video and the written word. I’ll also do play-by-play again for a major sports team, and after hosting a few art shows featuring my work, expect to do it again in the future – when my photos have more stories to tell.  I love teaching and working with young people, so I am pursuing my Masters degree in Journalism from the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communications (where I also work). In my studies I will complete a documentary about “Real, Live Angels” at a summer camp for special needs individuals.

Expect me to grow old, perhaps be a grandfather and smile to my final breath – which I predict will come some time around 2151, A.D. Give or take a few decades.

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter @brentweber, on LinkedIn, my blogs and and of course back at the web-site you may have just come from,


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