OU Nightly Live

For the past few years I’ve been enjoying myself as a teacher and executive producer at the University of Oklahoma’s Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication. There are so many talented people working here, including war correspondent and fellow teacher Mike Boettcher, a former CNNer who picked up a couple of Emmy’s for ABC this week and brought them back to share with his students. Bob Dickey, also a former CNN producer is our News Director, Ken Fischer – the most learned baseball man I know – is the jack of all trades for us. And George Lynn Franklin is our station manager and a guru in his own right.

But we are all here for one reason – or more like a hundred reasons. Our students. They have answered the call to raise the level of news reporting at the collegiate level, and they are never satisfied with the ordinary.

So I ask you to bookmark our TV station page at OU and to make it a habit of watching our OU Nightly newscast, News Brief and Weather Brief on demand. You’ll get a strong feel for life in Norman, and I think you’ll begin to feel even better about the future of journalism with kids like this working so hard to become the next generation of journalists.


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