Captain Outrageous or Captain Courageous? Either way, Ted was/is an important global entrepeneur

“I’m back on top of the world for a week.”

 I would like to see him “relevant” again. 

Here’s an interview with Ted Turner, one of the great entrepeneurs of our time. It came out a few years ago when he released his autobiography. I worked for CNN – was there the day they went on the air – and although I don’t agree with everything he says, Ted says it like he sees it.

As a young man growing up in Atlanta, I met Ted at a ballgame when he owned the Braves. He told me to try out for his team (the Braves). He was/is a dude with courage to take his thoughts to action, to figure out how to do what he sees in his visions. I didn’t get signed by the Braves, of course. But I did work for Turner at CNN, first as an intern when we went on the air in 1980, and later as a correspondent.


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