Journalists Need To Do Our Jobs: “Let’s get real about guns”: Columbia Journalism Review

Let’s get real about guns : Columbia Journalism Review.

Above is a link to a terriffic look at what drives the discussion and the policy-making for such an important issue as gun control. I realize my opinions are different from many of my fellow citizens, and I truly want to respect other ideas and encourage discussion about issues so we can better understand all sides of this important subject. Like most issues, gun control and gun ownership are not about black and white issues alone. Just like most things that are important in America where there are more than one serious opinion, we must learn to respect and listen, have discussions and true dialogue, and stop treating American life as if it were a football game on Saturday or Sunday. Those are entertainment outlets; gun control and other political discussions are about our way of life, our freedoms, our fundamental beliefs in a multi-cultural but ultimately free society, found in the United States of America.

Could we stop yelling about our opinion and start supporting it in open discussions?

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