A Look Back At First Final Friday On Film Row in OKC

That headline is a bit of a tongue twister, but words – and music (and art and fun) were flowing, not to mention food and beverages  – at the “first ever” Final Friday Art Walk on Film Row in Downtown OKC last weekend (the final Friday of April, 2013). I was honored to be invited to show off Surfing Monkeys, BB at Riverwind and a few other pieces of my art at Dunlap Codding alongside my friend, the talented painter Ben Potter. With music by the dudes from G3 (I could have sworn they were playing my Pandora station!) and GREAT hospitality by the wonderful folks at Dunlap Codding, we did our part to make this event a success. Put it on your monthly calendar, since there are a ton of cool places to stop off at and check out including this spot. See ya next Final Friday on Film Row! Here’s more info from one of my favorite places, part of this walk, and one of THE art venues in the region (not just OKC), IAO.

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