Lounging in Dubai

Day 1 dinner

Our group of journalists is now in the United Arab Emirates at the Dubai airport, a multicultural shopping center and major stopover point for major airlines in this region. It is, indeed, a culture shock starting our journey in Oklahoma, flying through my old hometown of Atlanta – which WAS the biggest airport I had ever been in until Dubai.

We have a six hour layover before we continue our journey to the city of Dhaka in Bangladesh – where our real fun begins as part of this international journalist exchange. The highlight of the first day has been simply in getting to know my travel mates. Gan and Brent and Brent and Bob and Lacey and Vance…

We will certainly build a new collection of stories to share but for now, hearing the great moments in each person’s career is a treat in itself.

And one of my favorite moments of our flight? Our captain introduced himself as “Captain Ron”! I was looking for Kurt Russell to lead our pirate ship!

Lacey at airport

Stay tuned – I will share our journeys as we go over the next two weeks…

2 thoughts on “Lounging in Dubai

  1. I hope you’re are having an exciting time in Dhaka. What an opportunity. You are in my thoughts.

    Love, Barb

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