Playing forever… A list of my favorite athletes of a certain age

The Sports Guy: Scorecard Scribblings From An Ordinary Journalist: The Sports Guy

Much of my career I have spent covering athletes, professional and amateur, some whose glory days come in their teens or their early twenties, and many more who reach the highest of all levels as professionals or Olympians and find themselves done doing what they do by their mid-30s or, if remarkably fortunate, their early 40’s.

What is about sports – and the term “athlete” – that appeals? I speak personally here, but it has always been the way I can relate to the energy of competition. The game, whatever it is, has always been the thing to me.

Jack_LaLanneWhether playing wiffle ball against my brother Bob as a kid, competing in adult baseball as an adult, running in a half marathon in my 40s, it has all been about the same things: connecting to a community, pushing my self as an individual, simply feeling better. As a birthday passes and…

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