Freddy Cobb to celebrate his 69th birthday by attending his 61st straight year at camp

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Real Live Angels - The Movie

Freddy Cobb and Brent WeberThis last weekend we went to Argyle, Texas to spend some time visiting with Freddy Cobb. Freddy is more than just a camper, he sort of embodies what places like this are all about. He’s an example of what my daughter Nicole calls “real live angels” who she has come to know at Camp Summit. (Yep, that’s where the name of the film comes from.)

You see, Freddy has been attending the camp that started as Camp Soroptomist and evolved into Camp Summit for sixty consecutive years. He first attended camp at age nine, and with his birthday coming up on February 27, he will be 69 years old. He insisted to me that he will attend camp in the spring (spring break camp), summer and fall (Summit began holding fall sessions the past several years) making it 61 straight years at camp. He has no plans…

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