Images that inspire us to smile from the heart

“A smile is something healing that happens between two people. Whatever was there that was strange between you just melts away.” Mimo Khair

I am one of those people who always wants to shoot it. My wandering, restless nature makes it difficult to sit still and enjoy a show, even a game, at times, so focusing through the lens of a video camera centers me and provides an avenue to communicate. Still images have an even more empowering connection for those who do it from their soul. It can be found, most powerfully as we see here, in a smile. 

I stumbled upon a perfect example of such a person through Flickr’s blog. Her name is Mimo Khair, and while I don’t know her, like a truly great artist, she does her best work trying to realize that we all know each other. 

You can hear the interview and see the smiles she has shared from around the world here. I think I will look for smiles today. Screen Shot 2014-09-06 at 11.06.13 AM

One thought on “Images that inspire us to smile from the heart

  1. You always make me smile. I’ve loved you since the day you were born. (Or, at leas a few days after when mom and dad brought you home from the hospital–I think it was thanksgiving day because I remember watching a parade on tv at the Mallack’s down the street. they were babysitting the rest of us until Mom and dad brought you home from the hospital. One of the first things I recall about you is that you were so tiny but your poop was so big. Did that make you smile? XOXO

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