“Lessons from Lutz” Preview

One of my students’ preview of an event this evening at Auburn.

AU Sports Journalism

By Kaitlin Grunder

Nearly one-third of traffic fatalities that happen every year involve a driver under the influence of alcohol.

Former Auburn football player Philip Lutzenkirchen fell under that statistic.

On Wednesday, March 11 at 7 p.m. Philip’s father Mike Lutzenkirchen will present to the Auburn community “Lessons from Lutz.” The event will be held in the Auburn Arena and admission is free.

“We all can say after a night out we wake up the next morning and laugh about it,” said Auburn University Instructor Jennifer Johnson. “The heartbreaking thing about it is that Phillip never did.”

(Lutzie 43 Foundation) (Lutzie 43 Foundation)

Auburn University is joining efforts with Lutzenkirchen to not only share his son’s story but to also educate the community on the importance of making smart life choices.

Philip was a starting tight end for the Auburn Tigers and a member of the team in 2010 when they won the…

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