A Real Live Angels shout out to Spring Breakers

Here’s an update from camp with some Real Live Angels!

Real Live Angels - The Movie

Real Live Angels family member and longtime camp nurse Hanna Hindin sent us a great photo with our buddy Freddy Cobb as they celebrate Spring Break camp at Camp Summit. Freddy is one of the stars of “Real Live Angels”, as you know, and I’m sure he’s still bringing smiles and shenanigans to the goings on at camp this spring.

Freddy has been attending Camp Summit since he as a child and Hanna ihas worked for many years a sa nurse at the camp for those with special needs. Hanna Hindin (left) gets a spring break hug from long-time camper Freddy Cobb at Camp Summit, March 17, 2015.

To all of you who are part of the Real Live Angels community, thank you for the love and acceptance you share with the world.

As for the latest on the film itself, we are waiting for word form a few more festivals this year. Once we make the rounds of the festivals, our plan is to make the movie available to anyone who would like to see or own it, and to…

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