An updated website critical in career moves: a new

It didn’t dawn on me that my actual website, the one that has been around the longest of all my online outlets and contained the broadest selection of information that might be of interest to a potential employer, was completely obsolete. Literally. Built under an old platform – iWeb – that is no longer supported by Apple, I kept putting off rebuilding the entire thing. iWeb was dead – and it meant all of the info on the old site was many years old.

Why did I let such an important focal point of my professional life slip? Because I was focused (in addition to teaching and working with my students and my own professional pursuits) on cleaning up my blogs,, , my youtube channel – and my social media pages. I had failed to do what I believe is critical to a small business – or in this case a singular professional’s strategy: that everything needs to point somewhere supreme. is where I should have put my first thoughts.

It dawned on me after interviewing recently for a teaching position in California that I desperately was interested in. I felt I was an excellent fit and was honored to make the first cut, feel I did a good job with my performance in the interview, but ultimately didn’t get an offer. I don’t doubt a very strong candidate was the right person for the job. But it dawned on me – what would I have done if I were on the search committee? First thing? Website. Yes, of course, there’s a Google search, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc… but if a person has their own website – why wouldn’t you start there? I had failed my own efforts into information focus by being, well, unfocused.

So with that in mind, how about you take a moment to visit Tell me what you think. There are links. There are resume materials. There is info. It’s a great place to start if you are thinking about hiring me or have an interest in any of the work I’ve done over the years. Thanks for reading this, and I hope the reminder of the proven, quantifiable strategy “to start at your home page – then drive people to an open door from every other possible platform and site” is useful advice for some of you. website website

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