Friendship defined by showing up, listening, learning at Brent Weber’s Auburn c’est la vie

Heading home to La-La, Dude!
Heading home to La-La, Dude!

Last week my Auburn tribe, a group of brilliant, loving, artistic, deeply caring friends, coworkers, parents, partners, loners… All found the way to movie night and estate sale. I have to pare down before I relocate to the west coast where I will be back in the mix in the industry and hope to be a good fit for one of several colleges seeking my services. It requires a leap of faith, and I am positioned to do so. Thus, last Thursday friends from as far away as Atlanta (Dan Lynn drove from the ATL) to shoot the shit and smile and have fun and connect with my Auburn tribe. I am so grateful they invited me in.

We began and loitered extensively – as adults for some twisted reason often do – in the kitchen. We knew it was a school night, a Thursday, and that those with jobs (myself NOT included) had to get up and drudge in the morning. So we were to vote on a movie in advance from a shortlist I provided, and begin watching at 6:30 pm. But as The Dude says, we must abide, man, and we did just that –  in the kitchen and on west coast time. I think, conservatively, most had consumed libations and hummus and gluten-free stuff (and only one burnt pizza) into submission by 730 or 800 pm. So we voted, and The Big Lebowski won.

Now if you’ve seen the Coen Bros. classic, you are either a fan, or you haven’t seen it enough times. It is one of those films. It’s vignette-isn, but like the rug, it all kind of brings the room together in the end. So I giggled and snorted and annoyed people when I knew what was coming – laughter is my salvation – and most people either watched, or didn’t. No one complained. If they did, I didn’t hear or listen.

Funny, but we didn’t get to the end of it for many – you know who you are. Anna Ruth (calling her out!) passed out from exhaustion well before the final chat at the bar between The Dude and The Cowboy. She was not the only one – and a few, my friends John and David and the aforementioned Dangerous Dan, stuck it out and laughed to the end.

But for the tribe, as a whole, it was one of the sweetest things that  has happened to me in Auburn. They cared about me enough, unlike the people who turned my life upside down without explanation or human decency, to send me off with love, laughter and encouragement.

Life is a series of vignettes, and we aren’t starring in all of them (despite what we think, some time.) At times we have an ensemble of characters, some times it’s just me and the dogs and cat. Some times it’s all about you and others, but sadly never enough in my own megalomaniacal mind. I’m working on it being more about others, I promise.

But it is always about showing up, tuning in, playing it out as long as you can and loving every minute of the show as possible. So what if a few people here in Auburn didn’t care about my tiny part of the universe? Its just a scene they missed out on.

Its the many who win out in life when we remember to open our doors and invite others in for a movie and some (mostly not burnt) pizza and accept that we are part of a tribe of decent, loving, happy and caring people.

I want to be one of those people, and am grateful to my War Eagle tribe for reminding me of that and seeing me off. Now, watch the end of the movie. And have a white russian on me.

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