Ten legs to sunset, Day 3: On the road again

A good man is never without his hat
This was going to be an easy one, the road to Oklahoma, where I spent the better part of seven years telling stories for the morning news on Fox25 and through my Postcards from the Web and Scorecard Scribblings, not to mention during my time with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Actually, this is the state Murphy and Billy were both born in. I remember the first adventure I took Murph on, a drive to the Kite Festival at the Spiro Burial Grounds in eastern Oklahoma. He was already a great traveler; although just a month and a half old, he slept most of the way in the front seat.

Some of my favorites? Okie Noodling, Boley Rodeo, Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge (another Murphy cameo in that story!), the Selman Bat Caves with my cousin Nikki Harmer and wrestling practice with the Oklahoma City University women’s wrestling squad… And pretty much everything about working for the Thunder! So many great memories. You can see most of those stories by visiting my YouTube channel.

Of course, on many of those stories I took the “long road”, which is code for zoning out and missing my exit. It makes life less boring. Unless you are trying to get to OKC in time to see friends and loved ones before heading on down the road. You see, plans took a bit of a turn when I got the call about a very important job interview in California. It’s a place I really want to work at a really cool college with amazing people, so when I was told I had an interview on the morning of the 7th of July, I decided I would have to cut our journey short by a few days. (Which considering I’m pretty broke, that wouldn’t be a bad idea any way.)

But I got turned around coming out of Hot Springs and it cost me an hour or two…. who’s counting? Eventually I rolled in to my favorite place to eat in Oklahoma, Saturn Grill in Nichols Hills, where I got to spend a few minutes with my dear friend, the amazing artist and dentist Ben Potter artist We had dinner, the dogs got to visit with their old pal Ben, and then checked into a local hotel with Murphy and Billy before spending the next day enjoying the loved ones Lori and Grace and Amber in Yukon before all ten legs head out on day 4…

Next stop: Albuquerque.

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