Ten legs to sunset, Day 4: Yoda outside Holbrook

from gasbuddy.com
Not our car… but I swear we saw some potholes nearly this size early in our journey.

Based on the very scientific data from Murphy (he raised his head and looked at me each time we hit a rough spot on the road), the worst roads on I-40 were, in no particular order, Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma. Once we passed Texas, it felt like the car would make it and Murphy and Billy slept pretty much the rest of the way each leg of our journey.



Here are a few random images we saw on the road… I am sorry I didn’t take photos of them, but I was shaking my head in disbelief at a few of them, so…




The worst:

Two billboards, one placed on top of the other.

The top:

“Most Trusted Weight Loss Doctor in Oklahoma”

beneath it:



Another two billboards one right after the other, just to prove that no one in their right mind is actually paying attention to this stuff…
The first (a casino):
“A winner every seven seconds”
 beneath it, again:
If meth abuse wasn’t such a serious, important issue – one I saw devastate families, children and communities in the poor states I lived and worked in as a journalist – I might laugh it off. But please, people in the billboard industry – could you just THINK?
Another of my favorites, and I love KOA campgrounds, so please don’t hold it against them as a whole… A sign advertising the “offerings” of a campground in Oklahoma, which should tell you something about the geography of the western half of the state… and that there wasn’t much scenic or adventurous about this camp site…
Next Exit
KOA Kampgrounds
Shade trees
Wow, Murphy, we have to stop for that. Let’s stay a week, what with all the trees they musty have! (We didn’t)
And my favorite? This one was a positive, a sign of ingenuity, of brilliant repurposing of materials…
A large billboard being held up not by a contraption of metal or wood, built on the roadside. Nope, this sign was held up by – tah-dah! – an old school bus. That’s right, they used some type of rope or cables to wrap around the body of the bus, which who knows, may have served as a mobile delivery system as well. Guaranteed to holdup under high winds, and if you want to move it further along the highway, just gas ‘er up and relocate it. Well done, New Mexico!
And as far as I can tell, whatever Murphy and Billy meant by this next few words in our “highway things to remember” notes was likely altered by spellcheck or Siri upon creation…
“Yoda outside Holbrook”
Any ideas what this might have been? I have no clue. Although we saw some pretty funky looking clouds, rocks and roadside attractions.. or maybe I just saw Yoda. The real Yoda. On the highway. We spent the night in a hotel past Albuquerque (love the city and the area, wanted so badly to do some park-seeing, but we couldn’t…)
Next stop: Grand Canyon!

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