Thank you Santa Monica Independent Film Festival

Real Live Angels - The Movie

We’re excited to learn that we have earned a 2015 Honorable Mention for the documentary Real Live Angels from the Santa Monica Independent Film Festival. This year’s event will be held October 1-3 in Santa Monica, and our film – while not being screened in its entirety – has been selected to be briefly recognized with a clip and honorable mention status.

While it’s not the festival result we all desired for this little story about how volunteerism, family, inclusion and the power of loving devotion can change the way we see the world around us, we are nevertheless honored by SaMoIndie for their inclusion in this category. Hopefully this beautiful laurel wreath will encourage you to watch the film again, request it to be shown near you or at your place of work, or – one day – include it in a festival honoring this type of work.

Santa Monica Independent Film Festival honors Real Live Angels with an Honorable Mention for documentary film, 2015. Santa Monica Independent Film…

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