Ten Legs To Sunset, continued… Keeping pace with my dogs

Murphy and Billy nailed it!
Murphy and Billy nailed it!


It dawned on me the other day when I took Murphy and Billy on a cool sizzling hot run up Big Red at Peters Canyon Park in Orange County, that my dogs are really great friends – and that they probably have seen and traveled more interesting trails and paths than many regular folks. That’s not bragging’, it’s just a reminder that I should brag on them.


So in an attempt to track our continued adventures (remember the blogs I did under the heading “Ten legs to sunset” in the summer of 2015 as I relocated to California from Alabama?) I have been playing around with tracking apps on the phone like the Strava app (thanks Paul Rudman) and Runmeter, as well, of course, Fitbit since my daughter gave me one for my birthday.


Strava is really cool, and it takes my Runmeter info, photos, etc. directly from that app. Above I shared a link to our first run/hike up Peters Canyon. Here’s our profile – note the dogs are almost always represented!



And I love the Explorer Link on Runmeter, particularly – I can send it to you (or me or anyone) and they can track me and the dogs running on line! Here’s a look back at a recent one…



So i will be trying to keep everyone up to date on the runs with the dogs… and remember, of course, that you could care less about the cool little training apps… you only want PICTURES OF MURPHY AND BILLY! So … here ya go, a teaser from another of our California runs!


And I will bring you more of the boys adventures – I promise!




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