Ten legs to sunset: minus a sick dog

Murphy at 3/4 mile of Yorba Linda Dry LakebedIt was a rare day. Six legs only on our hike. Billy, it seems, picked up a little kennel krud after four days at in boarding while daddy worked on the LA Marathon. Murphys tired, but no signs yet of being anything other than tuckered out. Our patient and amazing vet said the boys might be off the butt-sniffing circuit for a few days, just to keep from passing on any doggie viruses. So Murphy and I didn’t socialize as we ran today. Hope he dodges this one.

Amazong how we all are affected when our norm is shaken, even dogs. Already showing signs of separation anxiety since moving back to California and living in temp surroundings, Murph didn’t seem to want to run without Billy. It was a bit weird… But all the legs will be back chasing sunset in a few days when they are well.

Enjoy the hotter temps, be aware of the higher humidity for man and best friend – that’s the word from the trail today.

Today's Strava entry for Murph and Web

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