Ten legs to sunset: Cannibal Lizard sighting

“Two dogs, nice pace…”

That’s how I began my daily “report” on one of three exercise apps I’m using these days. Ok, that sounds pretty narcissistic, but the regular (mostly just a few mile) jaunts with Murphy and Billy have brought me a few rocks closer to sanity and helped me drop 20 pounds since returning home to California in July. Now if an app could turn back time so I could undo some years of stupid…

“Saw cannibal lizards on trail. My guess is, being unfamiliar with lizard mating habits, there may have been a little whoopie going on. Who knew lizards were into public places for hanky panky? No I did not take a photo. Stay classy, cannibal lizards.”

Perhaps their little love on the trail excursion is what I saw, and not reality. Maybe they were killing one another. I’m sure I’ll hear from you guys about what you say I saw.

Me? I saw lizard sex on a dusty trail and moseyed on, hoping they didn’t know I was briefly there. The dogs, in case you’re wondering, didn’t slow down. They had butts to sniff and squirrels to chase around the bend.

Strava today

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