74th Annual National Broadcasting Society Convention

 Please visit NBSAERho website for more info and individual names of the award winners and finalists. Not all winners are listed here. Sorry, did my best to keep up w this live blog… 

8:15 pm Drama Audio – Plattsburgh State 

Drama Video – Univ of Wisc/Oshkosh

PSAs Audio – Plattsburgh State

PSA Video – Univ of North Texas

Academic Paper – Univ of West Georgia

Newscast Audio – Marshall

Newscast Pre Recorded Video – Curry College

Newscast Live Video – Univ of Florida

Most Inproved Chapter of the Year – Norfolk State

Chapter of the Year – Univ of West Georgia and W Texas A&M University 

8:06 pm Movie Trailers Emerson College 

Studio or live performance audio- W Texas A&M

Studio or live performance video  – W Texas A&M 

8:00 pm Station Imaging Audio – Rider

Mag Program Audio – Marshall

Mag Program  Video – Oklahoma State

Feature Pkg Audio – Hole in One

Feature Pkg Video – Univ of Miami 
7:54 Pubkic Affairs/Interview Audio- Univ Wisc-Oshkosh

Sports PBP Audio – W Texas A&M

Sports PBP Video – W. Illinois State

AERho Member of the Year – Alexandria Thomas, W Georgia

745 commercial Audio- Rider Univ

Commercial Video – W Texas A&M

News package Audio – W Texas A&M 

News Package Video – Univ of Florida

7:37 pm On the Spot 

Video News Feature – Oklahoma State 

Video News Package – Univ of Central Florida 

Promo Video Spot – Bloomsburg University

7:31 Sports Program audio- Neb-Lincoln

Sports Program-Video – The Poke Report Oklahoma State 

Entertainment Program – Univ of Florida

Website – Marshall University

7:24 Advisor of the Year – Scott Alboum, Rider University

7:19 Video Program Open- Univ of Florida 

Dramatic Script- Plattsburgh State NY

Comedy Sxript- Univ of Florida 

Spec Script- Rider University

7:11 Sports pKG Audio – W Texas and Marshall (tie)

Sports pkg video – Central Michigan

Audio Promo- (tie) W Texas AM & Marshall

Video Promo- Slippery Rock

Rookie Chapter of Year-Kalamazoo College

Music Video 

Univ of Oklahoma and Wisc Plattevikle
Comedy Program-Univ of Miami

Univ of Miami – Comedy

7:05 pm

Pacific Luthran University


Feature Segment Video – Univ of Oklahoma, Christine DiVicenzo 
Feature Segment Audio

Univ of Oklahoma 

Short Film- Curry College (Reflexivity)

Industrial Promotional (tie) Slippery Rock, Wisconsin-Platteville


Audio News Segment -W Illinois

Video News Segment- North Texas 

Audio Sports Segment- Univ of Nebraska-Lincoln tie w one other (too fast for me)

Video Sports Segment – Oklahoma State University 
6:33 pm
Best Community Service Chapter (not official award title)

University of West Georgia 
 6:30 pm PT 

I’m going to try my hand at a running blog, with the winners of this year’s broadcasting awards here in Burbank, recognizing great careers and future careers of students. 

First honor: 

Game show legend, Tom Kennedy, honored as Richard Uray Award for Excellence career honor for excellence in the field of electronic media.

“Take whatever role that comes your way… You’ll find yourself head over heels in a game you’ll love, as well as the game of life.”

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