Ten legs to sunset: nothing to prove on this run

We weren’t so much chasing the end of the day as we were coaxing it along.

Heres what I wrote on our Strava app, the place where I track my adventures – be they hikes, runs or walks – with daughter Nicole and my two dogs Murphy and Billy.

We haven’t been out to our favorite little spot much lately for many reasons, the biggest is learning this past week that Little Billy has heartworms. Treatment can’t start until we find a place for him to be completely one hundred percent still for a couple months, and since we are in a transitional living situation, well, I’m at a loss. But our run shed joy and light – and we went slow and easy today (note no harnesses)- and helped to clear the mind and freshen the spirit.

I believe the connections we have with all living things is what gives birth to the soul and all of the creative universe. Call it God, if you’d like. So I am reminded with all the uncertainty in my little corner of the world (Billy’s illness a tiny but painful part of it), that there is something holy in loving moments, attaching to the light and believing always in the language of a warrior spirit.


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