Ten Legs to Sunset: One dog short

You may or may not know that Billy, my 8+ year old Chiweenie ball of mirth and mayhem was diagnosed with heartworms. A planned summer sojourn for the two dogs (Murph and Billy) and yours truly had to be altered, so he could begin his treatment. You don’t treat your dog with heartworm preventative because you live in a desert area? Or they don’t get heartworms where you live? Then you are flirting with a deadly, preventable PAINFUL disease. Every state in the US has reported heartworm cases. The little buggers grow and clog your dog’s lungs and heart and by then… So a little pill (they even make chewables!) or a topical you put on their coat monthly will do the job. And you’ll be able to take your dog with you on your next planned vacation! Call your vet, get the meds and protect your dog’s heart.

Do you have a story about your dog/cat’s heartworm battle? Please share. We plan to share more of our journey this summer, with a little heartworm info along the way… At the bottom of the post, you can find some resources.

American Heartworm Society

PetMed website

1800PetMeds Once you get your prescription for heartworm meds from a vet or your shelter/rescue (they need to know if your dog has heartworms before you start the meds), you can order your  stuff from here and save some money.

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