Iconic comics discuss “the judging of process”… Trust yourself when being creative

“I don’t accept the judging of process,” Jerry Seinfeld said. “We’re all trying to get to the same island. Whether you swim, fly, surf or skydive in, it doesn’t matter.”

Trust yourself when being creative. You don’t have to go through your process – whether as a painter, an actress, a writer, a communicator, teacher, creative entity – in the same manner every time. Each step is a risk when you are so closely tied to the end product. And each step brings personal growth known as experience. One of the things I really enjoy about Jerry Seinfeld’s web series on Crackle, Comedians in Cars Having Coffee, is the honesty. Yes, it’s innovative. Yes, it’s funny. Yes, he can do it because, well,  he’s Seinfeld. But when he sits down with these people he calls peers, friends, mentors and comedians, Seinfeld taps in. And I particularly enjoy the episode with Kramer, Michael Richards, his old buddy from Seinfeld. It was the closing episode of the first web season a few years back.

Hopefully this clip – shot with little cinematic quality on my iPhone over the Apple TV – will stay on this link. (If it comes down, go to Crackle and find episode 10 from season one \. It’s free.)

It really hits home when Richards questions his own process of getting ready to perform while working on Seinfeld, whether or not he enjoyed it enough, Seinfeld interrupts him.

“Our job was not for us to enjoy it. Our job is to make sure they enjoy it. … And that’s what we did.”

To everyone, your job/journey becomes difficult at some point in time. The process you go through to achieve your spiritual, professional and human destinations raises self doubt and questions about the very steps we take (or don’t take compared to those around us). I am reminded, trust the rope and let those doubts and burdens from outside sources go. Whether you swim, fly, surf or skydive, it doesn’t matter.

Here’s a link to the episode on Crackle.com.


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