New home, sharing new memories with family thanks to visit from Mom and Dad

Something as simple as a visit from Don and Ellie can really make me happy!

So glad to spend a week with the world travelers, who took the Amtrak from Union Station in L.A. (thanks brother Bob for being their chauffeur) all the way to Redding. It was a long haul for their 80-something-year-old bones, and there were stories to tell about the train trip… but in the end… we had a great week in Redding, at my new home in Northern California. I love you Mom and Dad!

Moving to a new part of the country, a new job, a new career direction, all of the above are exhilarating and challenging. Change can open parts of you soul and wonder through new experiences and growth, but can also invite in the duality of doubt as you seek new friends, new comforts, new acceptance.

The one thing we have at our beck and call, something travelers of past generations did not have, is the ability to instantaneously reach family. As I work through this next of life, and hopefully moving forward, I hope I will be better at staying in touch with my mom and dad, daughter, brother, sisters.

We should keep an open mind to sharing with family more of whatever is happening, when despair or doubt, joy or wonder, blues or rock and roll… any or none of the above, roll across our path. Life’s a party if you make it such, and who wants to go to a party of one?

Facebook, sorry, isn’t enough. Twitter, same. Too impersonal. Yeah, ok. How often have I picked up the phone? Written a letter? Those are good things. Now, please write back. Texts? That will do… but check with me in a few months and see if I’m feeling less alone, less lost, more inspired.

If I am not more positive, inspirational and at home, ask me: “Have you talked to mom and dad lately?”



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