A man could get lost up here… if not for his dogs

But as long as he has his dogs, and his family close, there’s a good chance the universe will open up new trails and new views, new sunrises and sunsets.

I’m vowing to share more of my regular adventures with Murphy and Billy, starting with our recent visit to the Burstarse Falls, a short drive off of I-5 south of Mount Shasta. My handy All Trails app provided great info.

No water, but still a view
Burstarse Falls run dry in October, 2018

I use a combination of avenues to find hikes, including great books by John Soares. What I love about his books, 100 Classic Hikes/Northern California, and Day Hiking, Mount Shasta, Lassen & Trinity Alps Regions, is the accessibility for every level hiker. I am a day hiker; my dogs go with me, almost always, and since I take care of my parents, I don’t do overnight hikes. His info tells me if dogs are allowed, among many other details. I heard him speak to a group of hikers recently at Sports Ltd. in Redding. You can check out his stuff here. 

On this day, I got to the trail head (Dog Trail), and found a group of locals doing some target shooting in the parking lot. Kind of kills the peaceful buzz, but that’s their deal, not mine. They were friendly. There were signs saying the area was closed because of the Carr Fire, etc., but I checked the PCTA website where I found that the trails in this area were indeed open again.

We (the two dogs and yours truly) met a husband and wife in their 70s who were fit and decked out for a nice hike, and we visited with them a little bit on the first mile, which is a quick elevation rise that I wasn’t prepared for. Whew!


During the rainy months (not October!) in NorCal, I’m sure these falls and Burstarse Creek unbeautifully. I’ve seen the images. Unfortunately, we saw barely a trickle on this afternoon hike. After our friends went east while we went west/north on the PCT (our first stretch of Pacific Crest Trail yet), the trail was quickly ours. It was quiet and clean, took us through a variety of levels, and when you could see the crags, well, it was totally worth it.


It took a couple hours because that’s how I (slow) roll. I’ve linked to some cool clips of what I did get to see and do with Murphy (the big Catahoula) and Billy (the brave Chi-weenie)…

You’ll find one with a little NATS commentary and then a slideshow to music below. My Strava entry is here, too.


Strava Burstarse Falls via PCT
Brent’s Strava account of the hike



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