Short days, dark nights

Fall in the North State (or the Northstate or the north state or NorCal or whatever you want to call anywhere from here “up” on the map) does not shine on people who live on a night schedule. I’ve been working nights the past couple of years, and while I take a Fall break, it’s been very weird trying to get in my adventures on a late day schedule, chasing sunsets.

Flanagan Trail
Fall colors on Flanagan Trail to Chamise Peak

I hear (and remember from when I worked morning news and other day side schedules, hahaha) that the sunrise and early morning hours are equally inspiring, so I’m open to the idea. But for  me and the dogs, if we haven’t gotten out there by the end of the day, well, we’ll push into the night when necessary.

Ten legs to sunset up to Chamise Peak
Ten legs to sunset up to Chamise Peak

In times of separation from certainty, when we feel lost for whatever reason, stepping away, examining the view of the universe where we stand, can be invigorating. Are my hikes or small adventures escapes from reality? I think they are paths TO reality.

Cleared trail
A portion of trail cleared following fires along the power lines to not far from Flanagan Trailhead

Tuesday, in an attempt to avoid the mid-term elections, we put in a good 4 point something on one of the most overlooked and beautiful sections in the Redding area. From Flanagan to Chamise Peak, with a couple of alternate loops available, the trail, as you can see from my Strava entry here is in great shape and always offers amazing views no matter the time of year or day.

I’ve posted others before – and on this night – we got up there too late to see the three Shastas clear enough for a photo. But trust me, the hike was great going up and down, even in the dark the dogs did well with lights and when the stars started to come out, it was clean and clear and another world. Here’s the All Trails entry.

The three Shastas to the east from Chamise Peak, after dusk

Ten legs to sunset, Murphy and Billy and Brent… see you out there soon…

Chamise Peak west after dusk



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