More than flight, the bird teaches patience

At the end of our jog, before crossing back over the bridge, I reward the boys with a drop down into the river, below the Sundial. Even thought it’s chilly, I knew the boys would want to get some fresh water. We tried to wait out an egret as it fishes and bathed in the sun. (I believe it to be a Snowy Egret) I wanted to get video of him taking flight. Murphy watched, too, while Billy climbed around.

But the bird wasn’t interested in taking flight, and after three minutes of staying still rolling on the camera, we gave it up. We had to finish our jog, at which time the dogs get their treats and I can have some coffee in the thermos in the car. The video is on my YouTube page.

Let the bird do what it must.

Flight may be all you know,

yet it has so much more beneath its wings.

Here’s a link to my Strava map for today!

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