I Googled myself and found I am not alone

Admit it. You’ve Googled yourself. Probably in the past few weeks of Covid-19 quarantine. It’s not a bad idea, particularly if you’ve been a performer, are in the media, a  public figure. You know, to know what they’ve said about you.

As it turns out, not much. But what Google does say about me is I am not the only Brent Weber out there. And I am certainly not the most inspiring or interesting one.

I knew from past searches, and a failed attempt to get the website with my first and last name (already owned by someone else), that there are a few interesting name crossovers. Brent Paul Weber, for example, an actor and model much younger than me, was on All My Children for a spell, leading to confusion on IMDB when some people found Brent Weber (I) is actually a sports guy who had worked at CNN, etc. Our confused identity even got a blurb in Soap Opera Digest (which I don’t have a copy of, unfortunately.) His first scene with AMC (that’s the way “The Digest” and all cool Hollywood-types refers to the soap) was with Susan Lucci, and that is pretty cool. Way to go Brent! He does have his own Wikipedia page, which this Brent Weber does not. But by the way, BPW, you’ll always be IMDB (II).  

Then there’s the aforementioned holder of the http://www.brentweber.com website. I know nothing about him beyond his website, which informs us he has a catch phrase, which I do not. “Keep It Hyped!”. I love it. He’s apparently a very popular faith-based entertainer, described on his web page as this dude: “Where worship, fun and a whole lot of crazy collide with a purpose!”  I am pretty sure he is the same Brent Weber who released a DVD of songs on Amazon titled “God loves the aliens, too,” though I can not confirm this. Well done BW.

The most prominent Web on The Web, myself included, is an entertainment photographer named, you guessed it, Brent Weber. Seriously. Big. Huge. All the names, featured everywhere. His work is very, very good and respected. My daughter Nicole Weber (IMDB VI) and I both could use headshots like his. His site is Brentweberphoto.com. Tell him Brent Weber sent you.

By the way, his work drew me in in a different way. When one Googles ones self, there are questions that need answering. One came from the legitimate result, which touted Brent Weber, “The ABC Workout”, and Glamour magazine in one entry. I clicked. It was his photography, and a very interesting series of workout poses taken by, aha, Brent Weber.

And then the questions I didn’t click on. (Bait, I shall not taste thee!) Questions like: “Who is Brent Weber dating?” And my favorite, “Has Brent Weber been arrested?” I already know the answers to both. Not lately.

In the news lately, is a very well-spoken spokesman for ITC in Houston, Texas, answering a great deal of questions about a chemical spill of some sorts. His name, of course, Brent Weber. There’s Dr. BW in Mattoon, Illinois. The real estate agent in the Dallas, Texas area. (I also briefly dabbled in real estate in Oklahoma.) There’s the lauded sax player of the same name, a lecturer of “the devil’s horn” at Frostburg State.  A molecular microbiologist who did some cool debugging at Washington University. Captain BW, a hazmat technician in Trinity, North Dakota. And I learned about my name-cousin, Brent Weber, Vice President of Development for Preferred Parking, Asheville, North Carolina. The business card has the longest of the BW titles. I wonder if he shortens it to VPDPP.

Some time ago a kicker of the same name played for the Arizona Wildcats, and apparently beat the rival ASU Devils with a boot. A kid named Brent Weber was briefly on the elite hockey prospects radar for the Medicine Hat Tigers Midget AAA club. And speaking of hockey, a young sportscaster from St. Cloud State does play-by-play (hopefully, still) for a regional tv outlet in the area. Sticking with hockey, I did play-by-play of Georgia State club hockey back in the early 1980s. Alas, the NHL never called. But this isn’t about me, it’s about the Brent Weber who likes to write for a fan website pucksandpitchforks.com and describes himself as a “career beer leaguer.”

And the list deepens. There’s the banjo player from Rock Springs, Wyoming who, in an article in the Caspar Tribune, referred to his beloved Vega banjo as “God’s favorite instrument.” He also had a day job delivering newspapers, which I, too, have done in the past and failed miserably at. Again, well done, BW. Well done.

All those folks seem cool, and if there’s a convention, well, I will do my best to attend. But the one I am most inspired by is a Brent Weber who is no longer with us. Brent Lawrence Weber, who called Sartell, Minnesota home, died too young. He fought Lou Gehrig’s disease ALS for two years and passed away at age 48. His name kept popping up, not for his baseball career, one year of minor league ball as a pitcher in Idaho Falls in 2010, but for his devotion. Devotion to his family, to baseball, to his community. He ran his local baseball league. He took his family every year to a getaway vacation in Canada to go fishing. He proudly watched his children grow with love. And they fought along with him – still fighting in his name – to raise money to fight ALS. His daughter Abby, for example, was a top high school gymnast when her daddy died. He didn’t get to see her fulfill her dream of performing in college, where she is a standout for the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Blugold gymnastics squad. Trust us, Abby, all of the BWs are proud of you.

Yep, I have tooted my own horn, created my own website, blogs, career…. and for the record, it’s all discoverable here. 

When it comes to Googling myself, what’s in a name, any way? So much more than my name. Try it, and see what you see about (insert name here).



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