#tenlegstosunset We continue to roll on area trails to stay safe and healthy

(Don’t miss the video on a couple of these below!)

As mentioned before, since we are not as densely populated as our friends in SoCal and other places, I can find trails to hike or trail run (or mostly trail crawl) with Murphy and Billy within just a short drive – and all to ourselves. If we see anybody, they are easy to keep at a distance for now.


This past week and a half or so we’ve been to… (Strava description, photos or VIDEO, and link to the hike for each)

4/13 Whiskeytown Oak Bottom Ditch

Dog jog at Whiskeytown Oak Bottom

Tip of the tail to the folks again at Whiskeytown who have worked so hard to get this place back to its pre Carr self. Understanding fires are a natural thing to deal with in national parks and rec areas, they have still done lots of little things that add up big.
These trails are just little flattys but the dogs got some lake time in before we cut it short with little Billy suffering a claw scrape. He’ll get patched up and be good as gold tomorrow!




4/12 Piety Hill, Cloverdale Trailhead

Piety Ha’Loop



4/11 Clear Creek Ditch Trail

Clear Creek Ditch at Whiskeytown

Simple and sweet with the boys, though I again failed to start Strava on time. Just a fun flat down and back showing signs of return from the Carr Fire. Bummer it doesn’t connect further up, though I’m guessing before the fire it did.


4/10 Cloverdale Loop

Easy day at Cloverdale


4/9 Another section of Princess Ditch from Stoney Gulch Trailhead

Stoney Gulch-Princess Ditch-Cosmos Loop

Beautiful and quiet this time of year in the quarantine season, we went to the “right” off the trailhead cross about a quarter mile in. Down to where Cosmos Loop intersects, we took the alternate little loop back. So many flowers and so clear. Thanks to the folks at The McConnell Foundation. You know who you are!


April 7 (gave the dogs a day off) Ha’ Loop at Piety Hill (can you guess our favorites?)


A Ha’Loop at Piety Cloverdale

A lot of mountain bikes during the Bigfoot Challenge, but we picked a different starting stretch and stayed clear the rest of the way during social distancing time!
Still a lot of water for the dogs!



Some times a quick little jaunt with friends #tenlegstosunset at a familiar spot is all we need. How about you?

Cloverdale Quick


The pulldown menu at the top of the page is where I’m trying to put samples of our hikes, etc. if you’re interested.

Finding our way one forward step at a time! 


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