Cooling off with the dogs as the summer heat rolls in

During the very hot days in the north valley area of Shasta County, it gets just flat out dangerous for the boys to get outside. So I look for short, easy hikes to get them close to the water without too much effort, allowing for some exercise and some fun. This spot – at the end of Delano Drive in Swasey – is just a quarter mile or so from the trail head, if you take the bottom fork. Plenty of water spots are still running fresh – and they probably won’t be in a month or so…

Some others? You can drop in all around Whiskeytown Lake, of course, but since there are so many folks, you have to keep ’em leashed. Maybe try the dirt roads off of the road by Carr Power House. Also, Clear Creek Greenway, the overlook, also have cool water you can get to without any danger. And the Turtle Bay East area gives the boys a drink with no problem and no hassles from people or cars.


We also saw plenty of critters – including a deer, seen in these pics – waiting for her turn.

What I hated were the cigarette butts I pulled out of the creek. I don’t even know what to say. Just don’t be a trasshole, people.

For those unfamiliar with the definition, I have it for you here:

Trasshole, photo and caption by Brent Weber

Either way, in a few weeks it will be too hot to take the dogs out on many off these trails, since they are getting older and the heat is drying up the creeks. That usually means driving up to Siskiyou and around Mt. Shasta, or west as well form Redding. Either way, Gott a stay safe and enjoy there outdoors as #tenlegstosunset.

Aerials shot with Phantom Pro 3 Other shots with GoPro 7 Music from YouTube “A New Orleans Crawfish Boil”

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